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Declaration to draw system 

It is a tried and tested system that has already been tested in a large Facebook group with over 800 members. 

There are 2 games each day given the final score. The odds and games are posted every morning in the app and telegram group. You can always start with the system. 

Explanation of the abbreviations
Blocked units = units that were previously played in the series and "blocked" by losing bets, in a hit they are recovered back, plus the current Set units and additional 2 units of profit EH = units
Q = quote

How does it work now?

We start both rows with 1 unit each. A unit is a euro value, which is determined by the personal bank. At about 200 € bank you can play a unit (EH) with 1 €. So if we start with 1 unit, that would be 1 €. If the use according to specification 2.25 EH then it would be € 2.25. So we start each row with 1 EH, so in the example then 1 €. The odds are usually over 3, so you would have won 3 x 1 € = 3.00 € on a hit odds, minus bet 1 € won 2 € (so always win per hit 2 units) 

There are now 3 ways the day can end. 
1. Both games are correct, so you win at least 4 units We start the next day both series again with 1 EH 
2. A game is right, e.g. row 1 So we win 2 units in the row and row 2 is wrong. Thus in row 2 then 1 EH would be blocked because the tip was lost. The next day, the 1 EH from the blocked row is split into both rows, blocking 0.5 EH in each row. 
3. Both games are wrong Thus, 1 EH is blocked in each row for the next day. 

Let's move on to the next day, so depending on the scenario, we either blocked 1 EH if both rows were wrong the previous day or blocked only 0.5 units. 

The bet for each row is now calculated individually, but use the unit calculator in the app under the menu item Instructions for the system. Let's just assume the default, which is 0.5 EH blocked in each row. 

For row 1, a game is chosen with odds on the draw of 3.2, thus resulting in the units calculator following. We then enter 0.5 as blocked EH, profit 2 EH and current quota 3.2. A new stake of 1.15 Eh is calculated. This means that in case of a hit we win 1.15 EH x odds 3.2 = 3.68 EH minus bet 1.15 Eh and blocked EH 

New calculation also for row 2, if there the odds would be 3.45 and the blocked amount is 0.5 EH then the bet would be 1.03 units for this day. Even with a hit we win again about 2 units. 

Again, the following possibilities. 

1. Both rows of matches, we win about 4 units and would start the next day again with 1 EH each row. 

2. One hit in a row, eg row 1. There we won, row 2 is wrong and we blocked 0.5 EH there plus daily bets for the row of 1.03 units. Together are 1.53 units. We divide this amount into two rows for the next day, so 1.53 / 2 = 0.77 EH are blocked in the row and so on the 3rd day we would calculate the bet in such a way that we blocked EH in the calculator Enter 0.77 and profit target 2 EH and the odds of the next day. 

3. Both rows are wrong, so we have now blocked in row 1 now 0.5 EH + 1.15 units, so are 1.65 EH blocked. The next day we calculate the bet with 1.65 blocked units, profit 2 EH and odds 3, X from the next day. For row 2, a blocked amount of 0.5 EH plus 1.03 EH = 1.53 EH is blocked. 

The next day the whole thing repeats itself, so we always calculate the new bet based on the blocked units and the current odds. 

Blocked units from the month will be transferred to the next month. We will definitely win, there are double hits and regular single goals. 

Statistics can be viewed and we have over 500 units won in 12 months, the € 10 per unit player have thus made € 5000 net profit. For questions please come into the Telegram Chat